Tiger's eye with turquoise pearl

Simple necklace with a drilled tiger's eye, a turquoise pearl and stainless steel beads.


Tiger's eye is a protecting stone in difficult situations. It's said to give courage, boosts concentration and increases the ability of decision-making. Turquoise offers new energy and makes its wearer more active. It balances extreme moodswings and pushes self-determination. It strengthens self-confidence and helps to accept unwanted changes in life. Turquoise fosters intuition and clear perception.


Length: 32,5 cm, adjustable with a sliding knot

Size of the tumbled stone: 3cm x 2,5 cm

Size of the turquoise pearl: 6 mm

3 stainless steel beads

sand colored 1 mm waxed polyesteryarn

25,00 €

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Choker Spirals

Black choker with brass beads and brass spiral charms. Can also be worn as a headband.


Length: 62 cm, adjustable by a sliding knot

brass beads

14 spiral charms in different sizes

2 oval brass beads

black 1 mm waxed polyesteryarn

30,00 €

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Rhodonite Necklace

Rhodonite is said to help handling every change in life, whatever it may be. It heals old wounds and helps to for give and find peace.  Rhodonite also soothes fear, panic, mental blockages and exam fright. So, this stone is a good companion in all kind of stressfull situations. It supports to keep a calm mind and ease the soul.


Length: 33cm, adjustable with a sliding knot

Size of the stone: 2 x 3,2cm

2 brass beads and a brass drop

Olive green 1mm waxed polyesteryarn

45,00 €

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Indigo Blue Necklace with Chalcedony and Mookaite Pearl

Chalcedony prevents from nightmares and helps to find calm sleep. Also, it fosters rhetorical skills and gives an optimistic attitude of life. 

Mookaite belongs to the jasper family and is only found in Australia, where it got its name from the Aborigines. Mookaite unites the characteristics of the yellow and red jasper. It's said to give peace and balance. It encourages to new experiences and lets play out ideas or goals with drive, vitality and enthusiasm. It also harmonizes one's own needs and protects from negative influences. Mookaite offers mental flexibility and broadens one's mind.


Length: 37 cm, adjustable with a sliding knot

Size of the stone: 2x3 cm

Size of the pearl: 7 mm

Indigo blue 1 mm waxed polyesteryarn

45,00 €

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Heart of Azurite-Malachite

Azurite-malachite is said to balance mood swings and to align heart and mind. It gives wellbeing and helps to resolve inner conflicts. It makes its wearer more extrovert.


Length: 35cm

Size of the stone: 2,5 x 2,5cm

brass beads

Grass green 1mm waxed polyesteryarn

45,00 €

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The particular effect of the healingstones are just suggestions. They are not scientific proven or similar to medical advice or treatment.


Die jeweilige Wirkung der Heilsteine ist als Empfehlung zu verstehen. Sie ist nicht wissenschaftlich nachweisbar und ersetzt keinen medizinischen Rat oder Hilfe.