Hematite donut with garnet pearl

The name hematite stems from the greek word "haemateios" which means "bloody".  This stone has been used as red colorant for caveman painting. When sanded, the hematite stains the water red because it contains a lot of iron. That's why it's said to heal blood issues. They even found hematite on Mars. Hematite offers courage and life force as well as vitality. It gives more attention to ones own needs and protects from negative influences.


The dark red garnet is also known as carbuncle stone. It gives strength to its wearer when facing hard times and crisis and helps to reorganize the life with a fresh start by supporting the self-fulfillment. It also brings new ideas and the power to manifest them.


With these two powerful stones, this talisman gives you all the strength you need to get through hardship and to create the life of your dreams and follow your soulpath.


Length: 38 cm, adjustable by sliding knot

Diameter: 4 cm

1 brass bead

2 garnet pearls

Light brown 1 mm waxed polyesteryarn

27,00 €

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Leopard Jasper Donut with Celtic Knot

Leopard jasper increases the endurance, fires the imagination and calms the soul. It soothes relationship phobia and jealousy. Furthermore, leopard jasper fosters a close affinity to nature. The Celtic knot stands for infinity and the eternal circle of life and death but also for the long and tangled path of life.


Length: 34cm, adjustable with a sliding knot, can be worn long or short

Diameter: 3,5cm

Grass and pine green 1mm waxed polyesteryarn

35,00 €

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Tiger's Eye Donut

Tiger's eye is a protecting stone in difficult situations. It's said to give courage, boosts concentration and increases the ability of decision-making.


Turquoise offers new energy and makes its wearer more active. It balances extreme moodswings and pushes self-determination. It strengthens self-confidence and helps to accept unwanted changes in life. Turquoise fosters intuition and clear perception.


Diameter of the donut: 3,5 cm

Length:  28,5cm, adjustable with a sliding knot, can be worn long or short

Turquoise pearl

Brown and sand colored 1mm waxed polyesteryarn

30,00 €

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The particular effect of the healingstones are just suggestions. They are not scientific proven or similar to medical advice or treatment.


Die jeweilige Wirkung der Heilsteine ist als Empfehlung zu verstehen. Sie ist nicht wissenschaftlich nachweisbar und ersetzt keinen medizinischen Rat oder Hilfe.