Collar Morrigan

This collar is dedicated to Morrigan, the dark celtic Goddess of war and death. She's the Phantom Queen and a shape shifter. She often appears as a raven.  As dark and frightening she may seem - the Morrigan helps to give death to everything that doesn't serve anymore and therefore brings peace and freedom. New things can only come into your life when you let go of obsolete stuff, patterns, habits, relationships or whatever keeps you stuck in tight bonds and prevents you from stepping forward into a life in fullness.


The Morrigan is associated with the pagan festival of Samhain, when the veils between our reality and the otherworld are thin and we celebrate our passed away ancestors. This collar can be worn at rituals and ceremonies at Samhain and other opportunities to devote to the Morrigan.  Or just as favorite jewel, when you feel that you are a daughter of the dark Goddess.


Length: adjustable by a sliding knot

brass beads

2 amethyst pearls 6 mm

brass charms: 1 feather (2,5 cm), 1 raven skull (2,5 cm), 2 raven claws

black and purple 1 mm waxed polyesteryarn

59,00 €

Collar Kingfisher

Collar in the colors of the kingfisher with brass beads and a brass feather.


Length: adjustable by a sliding knot

Brass beads

Brass feather charm

Orange, camel, turquoise, indigo and water blue 1mm waxed polyesteryarn

69,00 €

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Collar Empress

Opulent tricolored collar with amazonite and brass. The perfect adornment for the empress inside of you!


Amazonite is said to balance mood-swings and to soothe. It helps coping with bereavement. Also, it gives more trust, offers vitality and increases sleep. Amazonite presumed to be a holy stone for American Natives.


Length: adjustable by a sliding knot

Amazonite cabochon (3 x 1cm) and pearl (6mm)

brass beads

pine green, sand and red 1mm waxed polyesteryarn

79,00 €

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